Pitfalls in Home Theater Construction

If you have the funds to spare, you might want to add a home theater to your humble abode. Such a project, however, will require a lot of care because anything can go wrong along the way. Your general contractor may advise you on some of the critical steps where home theater construction may go askew.


In assembling a home theater, you and your contractor should assess the ideal distance and viewing angle for the TV itself. Some electronics experts claim that the TV must be placed in such a way that the viewing angle provides minimal strain. For example, if your theater room is suitable for a 40-inch plasma TV, the minimum viewing distance at a 40-degree angle is six feet while the maximum distance is 7.5 feet at 28 degrees.

Effective AV

Some people think that a home theater should pack the biggest speaker boxes. However, your contractor may advise against it and map out the room for places where speakers of appropriate power can cover the room. When you have listed the proper audio-visual equipment for the room, consult your contractor regarding the total power requirements and buy a quality surge protector.

Mapping out the potential problems in your home theater project will enable you and your contractor to fix them before the first piece of wood is cut. It may lead to a more pleasant viewing experience.


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