The Best Roofing Materials in Warm Climates

Designing a custom home is an exciting time. It’s definitely fun to go over thousands of pictures of designs and materials, and mixing and matching them to create a truly unique look.

Chances are, you’ve been thinking long and hard about your bathrooms and kitchen. However, you should also give time to think about what type of roof you’re going to install. Palm Beach is a hot place to live, both figuratively and literally; so you should think about getting a roof that works best in warm climates. Here’s a short list to get you started:


Slate naturally repels water, which is good to have in warm, humid climates. As such, molds and other forms of water-induced rot are problems you never have to worry about. The material is also fire-proof and storm wind-resistant. Slate roofing can get pretty expensive, but it’s definitely worth every penny due to its features and 100-year lifespan.


Initially, it may seem like adding a metal roof to your Palm Beach home is a bad idea. After all, metal conducts heat, right?

Actually, metal roofing today is able to reflect most of the heat the sun gives off. A white metal roof reflects anywhere between 60% to 70% of solar heat. At the same time, the roof cools faster at night, bringing your home faster relief from the heat. As if those weren’t enough, today’s metal roofs also resist rust and molds. What’s not to like?


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