Assembling a Bigger Garage

If you have an excessive amount of tools and equipment stashed in your garage, you may eventually run into safety issues. The best way to prevent this is to build a new garage with the help of your preferred general contractor.

The first thing to do is to define the purpose of building a new garage. Do you want the facility built to have extra space for a workshop, your own storage unit, or simply be a place to protect your vehicles from the elements? Should the garage be an integrated wing of your house or a separate building? The final purpose will determine the size and design of the facility.

The height of the garage, both inside and outside, matters to the final aim of the project. A garage is dependent on inside height to help operators store their equipment right to the ceiling, with safety precautions factored in. Consult your contractor on the degree of insulation inside and the type of garage doors to install.

Take note of the structural framework needed in a garage. If you are seriously considering it as a performance tuning shop, the framing must be stronger to accommodate lifting devices like a chain hoist.

In the end, remember that a new garage will serve far more than just storage purposes if planned and built well.


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