Ways to “Greener” Home Improvements

Increasing awareness on global warming and eco-friendly practices have inspired many homeowners to do their share to protect the environment. If you wish to make your own contributions, you could start by working with West Palm Beach general contractors who have sufficient experience with these types of endeavors, for your home improvement needs. Here are some ways on how you can decrease your carbon footprints when doing home improvements.

First, if you’re looking to replace your roof, consider using recyclable or recycled roofing materials. Many metal roofs, for example, are made out of recycled metal. The same goes with some varieties of asphalt shingles. If you’re planning home additions, you may want to look into using eco-friendly building blocks. An example of these is Mycoform, a type of brick made from recycled aluminum sheets and mycelium spores (i.e. fungi).

Another way to help in protecting the environment is by using energy-efficient products and fixtures, such as window panes that provide better insulation, and thus reduce unnecessary energy use. Glass panes using SPD (liquid crystal, suspended particle) and electrochromic technologies are examples of such energy efficient window products. If you are re-tiling your floors, consider flooring materials that do not contain PVCs (polyvinyl chlorides), which could be harmful to the environment.


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