Custom Home Tips by Room: Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces aren’t technically “rooms”. They are, nevertheless, a fantastic addition to homes since they help you take advantage of the beautiful weather Florida experiences year-round. If you are interested in adding an outdoor living space to your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Choose Sturdy Materials

Simply put, the materials you buy for outdoor living spaces should be of good quality. The humidity and constant sun in Florida can wreak havoc on lesser-quality materials. This is especially important if you want an elevated deck or patio. The last thing you want is for these structures to give way while you’re using them.

Control Traffic

If you plan to use the outdoor living space as a place to entertain guests, then situate it near the living room. This way, you can funnel your guests to either gathering spot more easily. Controlling the traffic is important if you are the type who wants to maintain the privacy of other rooms, or the type who wants to limit the rooms he/she has to clean up afterward.

Leave Room for Change

You may be in love with the design you’ve come up with now, but how do you know you’ll still love the view five to ten years later? Design your outdoor living space so that changing the landscape or adding a pool doesn’t disturb the other components. Not only does this help you apply changes faster, you also get to save money on having to move structures.


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