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lorida’s unemployment rate reached its most recent apex at 11.4 percent in December 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, a four-year string of economic recovery pulled the unemployment rate down to the present 5 to 6 percent. Compared with other states, this is still relatively high; but it’s a good start.

This signs of rejuvenated confidence are making Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce executive director Julie Mathis bullish about the future. She tells Florida Weekly’s Roger Williams:

“People are positive. New home permits are up. Construction permits are up. All that has a trickle-down effect. People are getting their hair and their nails done more.”

If you have been putting off building a home through the recession, now may be a good time to call home builders in Palm Beach County and start construction of your dream house.


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More viewers tuned in to remodeling reality shows in January, 2014, than to the finale of Breaking Bad in September 2013, according to data gathered by Remodeling Magazine. Shows like Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, Holmes Makes It Right, and Rehab Addict have been experiencing increasing popularity and steady growth in viewership, as evidenced by the TV ratings in the fourth quarter of 2013.