Remodeling by Wellington House Builders: The Roomier, the Better!

Basement remodels are another great way to add more living space. Basements can be converted from chilly or muggy storage areas to a nice, cozy suite, perfect as a recreational room, a spare bedroom, a gym, or anything that suits your fancy. Just take your pick!

In any remodel or build-out, consult licensed Wellington home builders. Contractors like Palm Beach County Contractor Corp. can assess your existing spaces and recommend on their suitability for your intended use, based on local building or zoning codes, and other construction concerns.


Wellington Contractors See Rising Demands for Commercial Properties

If there’s one thing that the recent economic depression has taught banks, it’s to only take risks that they can handle. In light of the recession, banks implemented a lending freeze to reduce their risks, which went on for several years. The construction industry, where majority of businesses rely on lending, was among the industries that were worst hit.

However, with the economic recovery in full swing, financing has returned to the real estate and construction industries, including the commercial building construction sector.